19 nov. 2011

Premiere Supermarket. Huba&Silica 11.11.11

Last Friday the release party for the video Supermarket of Huba&Silica took place. 
I participated and enjoyed SO MUCH throughout the filming day. The whole crew was amazing and all the ladies received princess like treatment.
The release party was an awesome experience, first Dj Howell started heating the party, and at midnight Supermarket was in all the screens. I was very nervous about how I looked...but everything went ok! :)
Here are the photos of the party. Thanks to Verzus Magazine, TheClappingHands.com and Huba&Silica.

Please tell me if you liked the video!!


17 nov. 2011


Act like a girl
Think like a boy.

The first photo is my favorite, and yours?

9 nov. 2011

Black&White Studio

This amazing black&white studio belongs to the Danish artist Tenka  Gammelgaard. It was featured in the October issue from  Elle Decoration UK magazine. No doubt it is an interior design source of inspiration.
It's the perfect combination between chaos and order. Everything looks so clean but at the same time so stained. It's like all the spots have their place in the studio. 

This made me want to change all my studio...a fresh start for 2012, don't you think?
Do you want a change in your room/studio/apartment for the new year? What is it? I want to know! ;)



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