27 ene. 2011

Chanel Robot by Peter Philips

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Maison Michel S/S 11

 I know that a lot of you have already seen this photos but I need to have them in my blog. I´m in love with all these accessories and of course all these beautiful girls.

Source: Because I'm Addicted.

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26 ene. 2011

80's Blazer

Yesterday I decided to wear my vintage blazer. I bought it last year but I never wear it because I feel its a bit striking. I don't know why but yesterday when I was in my closet looking for what I was going to wear I looked at it and thought -hhmm..Why not??- And Voilà! Love it!
Do you have some unused clothing in your closet ?


Although its a little late here are some random photos of my weekend, which I enjoyed very much and wanted to share with you guys.
 Friday night I went to the mountain with some friends. We took some oranges, gummy bears, wine, cigarettes, and good music. The night was perfect,no wind and no cold. At 2:00am more friends arrived and we continue the party until dawn.
Then we spent the day at my friends country house, unfortunately it was cloudy and we couldn't spend time at the pool.
On Sunday we left at 6:00am to arrive early at the beach. Surfing, sunbathing and relaxing were the activities for that day.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I do.

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