26 ene. 2011

80's Blazer

Yesterday I decided to wear my vintage blazer. I bought it last year but I never wear it because I feel its a bit striking. I don't know why but yesterday when I was in my closet looking for what I was going to wear I looked at it and thought -hhmm..Why not??- And Voilà! Love it!
Do you have some unused clothing in your closet ?

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  1. HOT blazer. It's striking for sure but that's why you should wear it! I love it.

    And yes, so many unworn clothing in my closet... I have a vintage black lace dress with gold trim that I'm dying to wear... just haven't had the chance!


  2. Love your chunky bling bling ring! I have lots of unused things unfortunately, waiting for the right occasion :p

    Bex xoxo


  3. wow I love your blazer!! and the second photo is creepy! :D


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