7 jun. 2011

Disappearing Into Space

 Photos by: Jorg Behrmann

We took these photos some time ago. The outfit wasn't special, (white Zara top, old denim shorts and black Asos wedges.) but the place definitely was!!
The symmetry on the floor, the rhythm of the columns, the colors..I pass this place every day and I never feel the sensation of magnitude that it has. Is intense, as if the place was alive.
You may think I'm crazy, but sometimes when a space has it's own equilibrium I can feel the design as I feel the sun's heat or  a soft breeze at the beach..
Ok, I admit, today I feel inspired. Maybe it's the sunny day, but whatever it is, it makes me love even more my career and the capacity of designing spaces, objects, style.

Hope you enjoy this week!

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