2 sept. 2011

Asi Somos Creativa's Fashion Show

I'm sorry for the lacks of posts, but recently I´ve been working with Adidas Originals Costa Rica and between that and my carreer its impossible to relax and post.  Anyways here are the photos of the Fashion show "Asi Somos" of the Universidad Creativa. 
The color was the dominant trend in eclectic and differents designs. In my personal opinion, I prefer the clothes of this year rather than lasts.
Costa Rican Top Model Leonora Jimenez anounced her retirement from the runways, sad news but we know that she rocks!

I only have one photo of my outfit, its not good enough but I wanted to show you what I wore that day.
Neon stripes t shirt with a black maxi skirt animal print belt and beige stilettos.


Photos by Me and  Mari V.

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  1. Great show!!! Love that pink bikini!!^.^
    And you look very pretty!




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