26 sept. 2011

Going Up? Or Going Down?

Happy Monday for all of you! My FB followers know my obsession for stairs ( If you are still not following me click HERE) So I decided to do a post of my favorite stairs. For me it's important to give the staircase has it's own personality because plays an important part in the space, they're the only way to go up or down, but also we can give them more characterlike giving them other uses or making a sculpture of them. The material doesn't matter, glass, wood or steel, if it has design it's possibly a good way to go up!..or down? Don't you think? ;)

What do you think about my selection? Do you like it?


2 comentarios:

  1. oh i LOVE these stairs...

    now i know why your obsessed with them!!!

    great blog by the way!!!

    Label me ADDICT ♥


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